Innore Solar

Innore Solar OÜ is a company which has grown out of Innore OÜ and focused on renewable energy. Established by Estonian engineers and based on Estonian capital,  Innore Solar OÜ focuses on offering a complete solution for building integrated solar energy systems. The product has been developed a solution where solar panels are integrated into the balcony railing.

The qualification and competence of our engineers allow us to design products that comply with Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian legislation.

Our subsidiary Innore AS is located in Norway and has a Sentral Godkjent certificate for the design and installation of construction products in the Kingdom of Norway. We have an experienced installation team, which is able to carry out installation work in Estonia and Scandinavia.

Innore products have been granted an industrial design protection registration number DM / 097771 valid in the European Union and Norway.

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Innore Solar OÜ has notices of economic activities:

Designing EEP004436
Electrical works TEL003804
Construction EEH012118
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