How much can you earn from solar energy? Calculate here!


The calculation assumes a module height of 1,2 m


The calculations presented in the calculator are estimates and generalized due to the approximate of the input data. We will provide a more detailed calculation in the price offer - contact us.

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Yearly productivity

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Modules amount
It is assumed that the distance between the columns of the balcony railing must not exceed 1.2 m.

System power
The calculations assume that the maximum power of one cell used in the modules is 5 W under standard conditions. The glass of the 1.2 m high balcony railing can hold a total of 42 cells, which makes the power of one module 210 W. The exact power of the system depends on the selected materials.

Yearly productivity
The present calculations are based on the data of the PVGIS solar energy calculation model. Productivity calculations are estimates and depend on future sunlight and shadows.

System cost
This is the estimated cost from design to installation. The offer does not include the network connection fee. Please contact us for a more detailed offer.

Yearly saving
This is an estimated saving per year if you buy the same amount of solar electricity produced from the grid with all charges and the arithmetic average electricity exchange price for the last 12 months.

Payback period
This is the expected payback period for the balcony railing investment with integrated solar panels. The cost of a normal balcony railing without solar panels is not included.

Monthly solar energy productivity

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Monthly solar energy productivity, kWh

Positive environmental impact

The energy produced by solar panels in one year is equivalent to:

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washing machine work

weekly at 40° program

- km

riding an electric scooter

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light bulb