Balcony railings with integrated solar panels


Efficient usage of building surface. Generate electricity from the sun and earn back running costs of the building.


By using renewable energy you reduce the energy costs and raise an energy label class of the building.


1 m2 glass-to-glass solar module peak power is 180 W, which produces an estimated 137 kWh electricity per year.

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The Solen balcony railing module with integrated solar panels consists of two 4 mm thick tempered glass and photocells laminated between them.

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The calculation assumes a module height of 1,2 m


Frequently Asked Questions

Balcony railings with integrated solar panels forms an integral part of the building. Therefore, there is no need for additional solar panels elsewhere. It also reduces material and installation costs. Balcony railings with integrated solar panels adds privacy compared to clear-glazed balcony railings.

Yes it is possible. Usually balcony railings are a common part of the house and in order to change them, you must first contact the apartment association. Renovation is usually carried out entirely. In addition, a separate contract must be concluded with the network company for the production of electricity.

The balconies have enough space to produce solar energy. 1 m2 solar panel has a power of 180 W, which produces 137 kWh per year. *Calculations are estimated and based on PVGIS solar calculation model data.

The exact payback period depends on the project. It is usually 10-15 years.
Ordinary balcony railings never earn themselves back.

Solen balcony railings with solar panels have completed and passed Electrical Shock Hazard test by Kiwa according to standard EN IEC 61730-2:2018.
Balcony railings with solar panels also comply with the requirements for railings.

It is advisable for a specialist to have the system inspected once a year.

Balcony railings and handrails with integrated solar panels can be cleaned in exactly the same way as normal balcony railings.
Due to the angle of inclination, it is not necessary to remove snow from the panels in winter.

The expected useful life is 25 years. The productivity of solar panels will decrease by 20% in 25 years. Glass-to-glass modules with solar panels can be replaced later if more efficient solutions have emerged in the meantime.

Solen balcony railings with integrated solar panels can be installed in both old and new buildings.
We approach each project individually and design the solution according to the requirements in order to find the most suitable solution for the installation of balcony railings and the production of solar energy.

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